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The action aims to develop human resources in Cambodia and Lao PDR to address environmental assessment, monitoring and management issues which are closely related to Cambodia and Lao PDR Country Strategy Paper (CSP) priorities of poverty alleviation and sustainable development. The direct target groups are academics and practicing environmental professionals in Cambodia and Lao PDR. The beneficiaries are the Cambodian and Lao populations as a whole but particularly high risk groups exposed to environmental health hazards.


The overall objective of the action is to empower Cambodian and Lao PDR environmental professionals to protect the environment and minimise environmental risks to human health in Cambodia within the framework of substantive sustainable development.


The action will provide a stimulus to Cambodian and Lao environmental academic, who will be at the core of training environmental professionals, to provide the foundations for a sustainable training and research environment, which in turn will develop a generation of local expertise that will inform environmental monitoring, policy and regulation development both nationally and regionally.

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Sengathit Choulamany(NUOL), Roy Wogelius & David Polya (University of Manchester), Vilayath Vongdara (NUOL) and Valliyappan Thinnappan (University of Manchester PhD Researcher), July 2008. Sengathit Choulamanay and Vilayath Vongdara are first two EU Asia-Link CALIBRE Researchers from Laos to start an exchange visit to Europe.